Alyssa Cutcliffe, Licensed massage therapist is located inside Shine fitness. 15 N. Main St. Warsaw

Alyssa N. Cutcliffe, LMT

Alyssa has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since December 2017, a graduate of The Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage where she became NYS licensed in the practice of several different massage modalities.

She has a background in athletic training which offers her clients specific benefits toward injury identification and rehab practices.

Alyssa is certified in pregnancy massage, Swedish massage, beginner shiatsu massage,treatment based massage and Therapeutic stretching.

She focuses her practice in treatment based massage but enjoys all practices and offers the above mentioned modalities as well.

Her additional certifications include:

▪️Therapeutic Cupping
▪️Guasha work
▪️Stretch Therapy
▪️Hot stone massage
▪️KT injury & strength taping
▪️Essential oil education
▪️The raindrop technique

She is currently working on getting her certification in Neurokinetic Therapy.

Alyssa’s favorite thing about massage is this:

“ I thoroughly enjoy getting a phone call or message from a client a day or two after their session- thanking me and telling me they can finally move their neck or that they can finally pick up their child without pain etc. It’s the little things, like helping someone avoid surgery or fix a chronic issue that’s been plaguing them for a long time. It makes me so happy to know I helped them! “

To Schedule an appointment with Alyssa please PM Alyssa N. Cutcliffe, LMT  directly (585) 813-6653

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